Oh, baby!

Wait, what? Did someone say...BABY?! Yes, we've been keeping a secret...one of the gypsies is expecting their own little hippy! It's...Lauren!

While I've been super excited to share this news with everyone, I admit it has been a somewhat stressful time with COVID-19 going on! So, I thought I'd take some time to share 4 helpful tips from this mama-bear-to-be about how to stay calm and not be too much of bear! And make sure to read to the end to find out the sex!

Tip #1: Stay Active.

I've found the best thing for me in my pregnancy so far has been staying active. And yes, this has definitely been a challenge with not being able to leave the house much! Especially during my 2nd trimester, I think we were in lockdown almost the entire time! So, I had to get creative. That means LOTS of YouTube videos!

I tried a lot of different options in the beginning of lockdown but the one I've found that I keep coming back to (and now swear by) is BodyFit by Amy! Amy is incredible, she has workouts tailored for each trimester of pregnancy and all levels. So if you are feeling super energetic, you can check out her Prenatal CardioKick video, or if you're getting into that 3rd trimester and feeling a bit more fatigued, her 3rd Trimester Prenatal Cardio video is awesome! She always has tips of how to either add more to your workout or simply take it down a notch! And she's been through 2 babies so she really knows how you feel! (I've included both of the videos I mentioned below so you can check them out!)

Let's be honest, working out is definitely not something you think about when you find out you're pregnant, but for me, it's been such a great way to relieve stress and feel more energetic! I highly recommend finding some sort of way to stay active during your pregnancy! There are also a ton of yoga videos that geared towards pregnant women and they are great too!

Find what works with you, create a routine, and stick with it! It will help not only with your stress but with delivery too!

Tip #2: Snack healthy (and frequently).

So during my 1st trimester, I was RAVENOUS! It seemed I couldn't get enough to eat! Luckily, my appetite has gone back down a bit but one thing that has helped me throughout my pregnancy is eating frequent small meals and snacks throughout the day. In the beginning, I was so hungry, I had to eat almost every 2 hours. And now that I'm much bigger, there is less space so I also try to eat smaller, more frequent meals (versus one big meal).

It seems like common sense but really does help! Especially once you start getting that bump and your belly button feels like it's ready to pop any minute! Snacks are great during pregnancy, especially because food seems to just taste better in general! Some of my favorite snacks are things like Bananas + Peanut Butter, Blueberries + Almonds, Hummus + Pretzels & Cheddar + Apples. All of these are pretty basic but they really give you so much energy and are great to reach for when your stomach is growling (mama bear)! They leave you feeling satisfied and happy that your baby is getting some healthy nutrients!

If you need some more examples of healthy on-the-go snacks, you can check out this blog post that also has some great ideas :

Tip #3: Take time for R&R!

During pregnancy, you seriously get SO TIRED! For me, it's been sort of on-and-off since my 1st trimester. I've been lucky to have a good bit of energy most days but one thing I will say is definitely don't be afraid to take some down time for yourself!

I am the kind of person that likes to go-go-go and always be busy so at first this was hard for me! BUT, I can't stress how important it is to take time for yourself to rest! It will seriously help your stress levels!

Some things I've found that help me to relax the most are:

  • NAPS - I seriously can't stress this one enough. I've always been someone who enjoys my sleep but during pregnancy you have a legit excuse to get more of it - SO DO! Naps are my favorite and even if it's just a quick 20-30 minute power nap, it always works wonders for me! Listen to your body, if you feel so tired that you could literally pass out on your bed, then do! Take a moment, recharge and then tackle whatever it is you need to do - it can wait 30 minutes, and you will likely be much more productive too!

  • Taking time to do your hair or nails: This one is for all the mamas out there that just say "I don't have the time" - well, make the time! Just 30 minutes to sit down and do your nails or curl your hair can seriously relax you. For me, focusing on just one of these things really helps me to unwind and feel pretty too! Remember, pregnancy is beautiful so enhance your bump by either treating yourself (although with COVID I don't recommend it unless you are very safe) or have a little DIY party with yourself! Taking this time for YOU and nobody else will make you remember how special you are!

  • Read a book: Pretty simple but books are always relaxing to me! It's a great way to de-stress and clear your head because you're focused on what your reading and not the millions of thoughts in your mind! And the best part, you can read book somewhere comfy and FALL ASLEEP if you feel like it! Like I said, NAPS! But really, this is a great time to dive into that book you've been putting off because it's too long! Not being able to move as much means a perfect time to put your feet up and read! Plus, there are so many great parenting books out there too! Take advantage of this time and try to read one to help yourself feel more prepared (especially if this is your first baby like me)! A book my husband and I just ordered that we have found to be really useful is The Baby Owner's Manual (click on image below). It's a great, sort of nerdy, quick-reading book with tons of diagrams so your hubby will love it too (great way to get him involved)!

Tip #4: Get a little hippy (duh)!

Lastly, one thing that has seemed to really help me with me stress has been two pieces of jewelry. Jewelry? Yep, haha - because when does jewelry not help, right? Florie gave me a beautiful little bracelet for my birthday back in May with a moonstone in it. If you don't know, moonstone is great for helping you to reduce anxiety and de-stress. It's also said to provide psychic protection, clear the mind and senses, and to help with being able to sleep deeply and calmly. I seriously have sworn by this little stone!

It also has a beautiful opalescent appearance so it catches the sunlight and can harness many different colors all at once. I loved my bracelet so much, that for our wedding anniversary, hubby took note and bought me a necklace to match! It seems silly but I've seriously felt so much more at peace. I've found when I wear my moonstones (especially in crowded places, and along with my mask of course), I feel much more at ease!

But there are so many different crystals to help heal your body and the moonstone is just one of the ones I've found really works for me! Check out the blog below for information on some other crystals that are sure to help ease your mind and soul as well!

So that's it! Pretty simple and straightforward advice but really does work to help relieve stress if you just take some time for yourself and treat yourself right!

And so, I will leave you with the gender reveal, most of you I'm sure already know but for those of you who don't, it's a....


Thanks for reading! Hope that this has helped some mama somewhere! Remember, we are all in this together, stay happy hippy mamas!

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